Why trust Eclipse Keyple®?

Eclipse Keyple® is an Eclipse open source project currently leaded by Calypso Networks Association, which has been the leader in contactless electronic ticketing transportation standards since 2003.

Free, easy-to-use and flexibleBuilt by developers, for developersTailored to public entities requirements
Interoperable with any smart card reader solution (standard/proprietary, local/remote)Open source libraries in Java and C++Audit and certification
Compatible with any terminal architecture (mobile, embedded, server)Developer-friendly, up-to-date documentation, code samples and how-to guidesPermanent compliance to the latest Calypso® release
Options for creating add-on features that incorporate Calypso’s advanced security together with non-Calypso smart cards for ticketing and paymentAccredited and hosted by the Eclipse foundationExchange platform between providers and transport authorities
Help desk-Separate maintenance for software and equipmentOnline and offline trainings available that will help you get the most of Keyple
Active on GitHub and within the Eclipse community