Who is it for?

Whether you are a transport authority or operator, a mobility provider, a system integrator, an event manager, a mobility aggregator or a multi-mobility startup, Eclipse Keyple® allows you to:

  • Reduce your costs and accelerate your developments.
  • Facilitate the integration of new services or technologies.
  • Use libraries to enable instant payments, remote top-ups, event and multimodal transport integrations, connection to park-and-ride services, and more.
  • Easily create applications or services compatible with existing card-centric or server-centric systems.
  • Benefit from a more diverse and easily collaborative network that encourages coopetition in a multimodal market: compete where you can, collaborate when necessary to create integrated mobility customer journeys.
  • Harness the flexibility to introduce modern, mobile and new architecture systems while maintaining integrations to legacy infrastructure.
  • Ensure the sustainability and future-proofing of your ticketing system, as Keyple is compatible with any smart card reader and SIO-enabled terminal.
  • Unchain from vendor lock in, black box and single provider systems to an open solution with access to multiple suppliers.
  • Enable partnerships with multimodal transport, building facilities including parking, tourism operators and events to offer seamless, single ticketing across the end customer’s journey.

With Keyple Calypso extension:

  • Have easy access to a highly secure and interoperable standard, Calypso®.
  • Quickly build new apps and integrations that conform to the Calypso® standard and other ticketing schemas.
  • Easily migrate from an existing, closed ticketing schemes to Calypso®, a high-end open ticketing, certified solution.
  • Easily integrate with public transport providers that are using the Calypso® standard, today used in major cities around the world in over 25 countries.