What is Calypso®?

Calypso® is a set of specifications describing a fast and secure off-line contactless transaction, between a portable object and a terminal. It has been created for public transport ticketing at the end of the 1990s by some European public transport operators or authority (RATP and SNCF in Paris and all France, STIB in Brussels, OTLIS in Lisbon, ACTV in Venice, Konstanz in Germany), in order to create an open, interoperable and secure standard independent from industrials to ensure a real competition.

Today Calypso® represents 20% of the world market of contactless smart ticketing in more than 25 countries and over 170 cities globally. It brings to his user a guarantee of security and interoperability which relies on a total compliance with existing standards (ISO 14443, ISO 7816-4, Global Platform). The Calypso® standard is managed by the Calypso Networks Association (CNA), which is led by transports operators and public authorities in order to ensure openness and independence from industrials in confront of other proprietary schemes.

Discover more about Calypso® here : https://calypsonet.org/solutions-overview/