Coming from a rather closed technical environment, ticketing for transport is essentially based on proprietary solutions provided by manufacturers. However, in order for the concept of Mobility as a Service to become a reality, and at a reasonable cost, the ecosystem should, as far as possible, rely on open standards, APIs and middlewares as well as Open Source technologies. This openness has already been a reality for several years in the field of passenger information and has enabled the explosion of rich and high-quality applications, thanks in particular to Open Data. Today, Eclipse Keyple is paving the way for ticketing to follow the same path, by making available for free the first fully Open Source API.

Eclipse Keyple® accelerates the integration and development of ticketing applications by enabling multimodal transport services, public transport operators and event organizers to implement ticketing and access control systems based on a common, open and modular base.

Eclipse Keyple® works with Keyple’s extensions. The first available extension allows you to benefit from Calypso®’s main features of reliability, security and interoperability.

Eclipse Keyple® transforms complex contactless ticketing, transportation and event access systems into a simple integration to manage terminal readers and portals that use smart cards and mobile applications to enter and exit.

As an open source technology, Eclipse Keyple® offers uniformity of structure but does not lock you into a specific ticketing system. Plugins and extensions are being created, or may be created by developers, to allow ticket processing integrating technologies other than Calypso®, based on several programming languages.