Release 0.9.0 C++ on the field

We are pleased to announce that the version 0.9.0 of the C++ implementation of Eclipse Keyple™ was released January 26th, 2021.

This 0.9.0 C++ Keyple implementation follows the API design for the 0.9.0 Java Keyple implementation.

  • New simplifications are introduced on the Calypso API. Keyple 0.8 had a high-level API for building map commands, but the map response data needed to be parsed with a low-level API. The Calypso 0.9.0 API provided a high-level API for retrieving map response data from a map image for which the file structure could be browsed.
  • The Core 0.9.0 has also made the reader observation function more reliable in order to be notified in case of card withdrawal.

C++ API reference

Build your first C++ application

The source of Keyple C++ is available on Some dedicated support is provided on

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