Keyple adopts the Eclipse Keypop API!

The field of compliance management for ticketing terminals has recently seen a paradigm shift with the launch of the Eclipse Keypop project. This initiative defines a series of UML-compliant interfaces established by the Calypso Networks Association.

As a result, the Keyple SDK components are upgraded to a new version, which adopts the Keypop APIs in place of the CNA Terminal APIs. As well as implementing these new APIs, this upgrade removes classes and methods previously marked as deprecated and brings a number of additional improvements. The main enhancement is the processing of Calypso cards.

Keypop introduces new APIs for managing cryptographic components, in particular SAMs and PKI service providers.

These innovations pave the way for new solutions, particularly in view of the forthcoming Open SAM and PKI-based card transactions.

For this purpose, the Calypso Card library and the new Calypso Legacy SAM library are now based on these new Keypop APIs. Details of changes to Keyple components are described in the CHANGELOG files at the root of each corresponding repository and the Keyple website has been updated accordingly.

Here is the list of libraries affected by the Keypop update: