2 new adopters of Eclipse Keyple®

Dear Keyple friends,

Eclipse Keyple is pleased to welcome 2 new adopters:

  • CTS
  • Calypso Networks Association

You are interested in being listed as an adopter of Eclipse Keyple? Follow this link: https://iot.eclipse.org/adopters/

You would like to get in touch with other Keyple friends, or to be informed of the latest news about Keyple?
If you are a Keyple contributor: first subscribe to the keyple-dev mailing list, then post a message to keyple-dev@eclipse.org
If you are a Keyple user: first subscribe to the keyple-user mailing list, then post a message to keyple-user@eclipse.org.

Moreover, everyone is welcome to contribute to the Eclipse Keyple project.

In particular there is the possibility to include inside the Eclipse Keyple project additional specific plugins.
The Keyple project provides also the possibility to reference external add-ons: open source or closed add-ons like additional plugins, card extensions, specific libraries.
Terminal manufacturers could also reference their terminal solutions based on Keyple.

Eclipse Keyple team