Terminal plugins by the Calypso Networks Association

The Calypso Networks Association has implemented several plugins to integrate Keyple Java on different ticketing terminals.

Some are fully provide as open source:

Others have restricted access to respect the IP of the manufacturers (ask CNA on keyple @ calypsonet.org):

  • plugin HSM to interface the ‘Calypso HSM’
  • plugin Flowbird to support all the Android terminals proposed by Flowbird (Axio Touch Validator/ MTBorne validator, Magnetic Axio Touch Validator, Axio 4 Validator, Infigo Driver Console, Voyager Embedded Ticketing Vending Machine, Coppernic C-One, Coppernic C-One V2, Zebra TC77, ACTIA PSDT)
  • plugin Bluebird for the terminal ‘EF501’