Terminal plugins by the Calypso Networks Association

The Calypso Networks Association has implemented several plugins to integrate Keyple Java on different ticketing terminals.

Some are fully provide as open source:

  • Plugin Coppernic for the terminal “C-One v2”
  • Plugin Famoco for the terminals “FX100”, “FX105”, “FX200”, “FX205”, “FX300”, “FX915”, “FX920”

Others require proprietary libraries with restricted access in order to respect the intellectual property of the manufacturers (ask CNA on keyple @ calypsonet.org):

  • Plugin Legacy HSM to interface the “Spirtech HSM”
  • Plugin Flowbird to support all the Android terminals proposed by Flowbird (Axio Touch Validator/ MTBorne validator, Magnetic Axio Touch Validator, Axio 4 Validator, Infigo Driver Console, Voyager Embedded Ticketing Vending Machine, Coppernic C-One, Coppernic C-One V2, Zebra TC77, ACTIA PSDT)
  • Plugin Bluebird for the terminal “EF501”