External Resources

This page lists the suppliers of Keyple external resources. You can filter them by the type of resource you’re looking for, then click on the supplier’s name for more information. To reference your company please create an issue on GitHub and/or directly contribute to this website using the contribution guide.

Avantronics S.A De C.V.

Technological solutions for public transportation, specialized in the development of tools that optimize mobility.

Calypso Networks Association

As initiator of the Keyple project, CNA offers numerous additional resources such as reader plugins, demonstrations, tools, training and support for implementing Keyple.

Secretaría de Movilidad (Mexico City)

SEMOVI, the public transport authority for Mexico City, develops card personalization and auditing tools. These tools are not only for internal use but also cater to the needs of the city’s public transport operators.


SpringCard is happy to contribute to the Keyple project by providing a plugin that makes it possible to use SpringCard PC/SC couplers from a stock Android tablet or mobile phone.