Calypsonet Terminal Java APIs

Keyple is compliant with the terminal APIs provided by the Calypso Networks Association that standardize how to manage cards, readers, reader events and card selection.

This compliance allows Keyple to obtain certifications from the Calypso Networks Association. It is a guarantee of reliability and reproducibility of the processes implemented on a variety of devices.

Reader & Card APIs

These two APIs standardize the way that a reader and a card interact. They are generic and apply to all card and reader technologies.

The Reader API must be used by developers of applications and card extensions, while the Card API must be used only by developers of card extensions.

Calypso APIs

These high-level APIs standardizes the way to interact with a Calypso® product (card, NFC smartphone applet/application, SAM, etc…).

These APIs should be used by developers of Calypso applications.