This is the official repository for the Java implementation of the ‘Eclipse Keyple’ API.

keyple-java repositories structure

  • Modules that are provide as artifacts
    • keyple-core: source and unit tests for the SeProxy module.
    • keyple-calypso: source and unit tests for the Calypso library.
    • keyple-plugin: source and unit tests for the different plugins: PC/SC, Stub, Android NFC, Android OMAPI, etc.
  • developer support, testing
    • example: source for Keyple implementation examples, generic or Calypso specific.
    • integration: source for the integration code (SDK).

Supported platforms

  • Java SE 1.6 compact2
  • Android 4.4 KitKat API level 19
  • The Eclipse Foundation is currently checking the IP of these elements.