“the best open source middleware for smart card processing”

Streamlining Smart Card Solutions

Eclipse Keyple® is the very first open source middleware that simplifies the integration and management of smart card technologies, easy-to-maintain, simple to upgrade and expand.

It provides a unified API to access various smart card technologies, abstracting the complexity of the underlying hardware and protocols, allowing developers to focus on their core application logic.

Versatile Integration Capabilities

Eclipse Keyple® is a highly flexible solution that can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of terminal configurations, whether desktop, mobile or server-based.

Available in both Java and C++ implementations, Keyple is compliant with any terminal architecture (embedded/distributed), any card reader technology (standard/proprietary, local/remote), any smart card solution (ticketing, access control, etc.)

Eclipse Keypop®

Eclipse Keyple® provides the native implementation of the Eclipse Keypop® APIs, offering a standardized way to interact with smart card readers and Calypso cards.

Solution overview

Eclipse Keyple® addresses a wide range of domains, hardware readers and media

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Contributions welcome!

The Keyple source code is available on GitHub.
You’ll find more information on how to contribute to the project in the README.md contained there.
New users are always welcome!

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